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John Hamasaki is the best lawyer. My friend had a serious problem in criminal case last year. When I contacted John during weekend, he helped us even during weekend and he was always responsive. He has lots of deep knowledge of criminal cases. So he know how to deal with each case even for the complicated case. My friend case's result is really good. John spent significant time for the case and he was looking for the best resolution. John is very kind and sincere lawyer. he had always took care of client's side. He always listened what client said and looked for what is best solution/resolution from client perspective. I strongly 100% recommend John for any criminal case. He is definitely the best lawyer in bay area. If you have problem in your life, John is the right person who can help you/your family. He saved my friend's family life.



John Hamasaki is the best of the best!!!! He was very responsive and super knowledgeable when one of my family members was in a traffic incident that required some legal interpretation and guidance to determine what to do next. He called me within an hour and patiently explained the legal situations in our unique circumstances. He kept us updated in the next 3 months and now, after a year, he contacted us and informed us where we stand after a year. Wow, thank you so much John for your consultation and guidance. We are very grateful for your timely support and assistance. I would highly highly recommend John as your go-to if you need a good lawyer who is friendly, patient, knowledgeable, responsive, and very efficient that you can trust.



John and his team are an exceptional group of people with all the right qualities. Back in November of 2015, my grandmother and myself were in need of a good lawyer for my father. I called around and felt helpless until I spoke with John. He helped me understand the process that needed to take place, he showed that he cared about my father and his future and he took initiative. John and his team were great supports, as well as great communicators. I highly recommend Hamasaki Law.



A friend of mine was charged in Alameda County with two felony counts after a misunderstanding with another party when the police came to intervene. After going through a subpar attorney recommended by a bail bond company and being cheated out of an exorbitant fee, he came to me for a criminal defense attorney recommendation. Through my attorney network, I referred him to John. From what my friend has told me, John was professional, friendly, and honest while charging a much more reasonable fee compared to the attorney recommended by the bail bondsmen. Furthermore, as my friend was involved in the finance industry, John went above and beyond his duties to research and negotiate mitigation with regards to the defendant's FINRA's licensing requirements. As a result of John's hard work, the case was dismissed. Not only was my friend able to continue on with his life, he was able to salvage his status with FINRA and maintain his career in finance.

The two key takeaways to this story?
1. Avoid attorneys recommended by bail bondsmen. They are often of poor quality and predatory in nature.
2. Hire John Hamasaki!

I would recommend John without any hesitation whatsoever. Not only is he extremely talented and intelligent, but he is very approachable and patient. He took the time to decide with me what the best course of action would be--ultimately making me feel comfortable and confident about the case. He was always well-prepared and willing to answer all of my questions. His experience and intuition made him able to anticipate unexpected developments, which was very helpful. In the end, thanks to his thorough work my charges were dismissed without even having to go to trial or even take a settlement. Thanks John for the wonderful work!



Are you looking for a consultation with a lawyer in the Bay Area that is well regarded as a top defense attorney? I highly recommend Hamasaki Law. I first came to know about John Hamasaki's practice after he succesfully represented former classmates of mine after incidents of police brutality at UC Berkeley. I contacted him as an advocate for a family friend that was a victim of a negligent driver that hit her as she was crossing the street in Downtown San Francisco. She was seeking a second opinion after her own attorney was unresponsive. He generously took the time to listen to all the details of the case and patiently explained the realistic options avaialble to her, a limited English speaker, in a kind, straightforward manner and made himself available over phone and email and followed up with us in the weeks that followed even though she was not his client. I believe this demonstrates his commtiment to go above and beyond what is required of an attorney to serve our community and would not hesitate to get in touch with him if and when you are needing legal representation.



A friend went to jail from false information. I mean attempted murder guys, this is no joke! I felt so devastated - until I spoke to John. I had already heard great things about this attorney so I searched and found him. He was very busy with other cases, I see why! So he was hesitant to take the case it would have taken him so much time. But he took it, with cost efficient down payment. I told him my friends life was about to change for the worse. He had been falsely accused by some serious things . I explained the accusations to him and he listened with empathy. He was very understanding in the situatiin and never once made me feel like he wasn't interested or that this was just another case. He made me feel like this was just as important to him as it was to me. If this would have gone any further it would have been a life changing event for Deandre and my family. John reassured us that he would do what he could to make this as painless as possible. Every time I called for a question or to give him some information he was available and never made us wait for a call back. John went and seen my friend faithfully, he even went to see him just to give him updates and to give his support. Upon our numerous requests from family John kept his cool and was very patient with all of us! We were informed throughout the entire process. In recognition of John Hamasaki  preparation, persistence and personality, the false claims were dropped and the case against Deandre was dismissed!! From the beginning John had stated  from his experience of past cases he felt there wasn't enough proof for a conviction but we couldn't go just with that! We needed to expect the worst and hope for the best. Boy did he fight hard for us. He did what he said he would, executed this case! He recorded the FACTS, then skillfully and professionally presented to the prosecutor. He is very intuitive to your legal needs, calmly communicates a strategic way forward. With time, the grossly exaggerated claims unravelled - just as John proposed plan was in motion.  Awesome civil department! The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating! They were very prompt in all correspondence and kept us informed every step of the way. Made our family feel very valued, respected and represented at their fullest capability!

I strongly recommend John to any one who truly cares about their loved ones!  

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