Our investigation team is relentless. We talk to every witness, track down every lead, and leave no stone unturned in uncovering the evidence we need to prevail.


Our civil and criminal defense attorneys start working before a case is filed to ensure the best possible outcome. We never stop negotiating to dismiss a case or ensure a favorable settlement.


We take the toughest cases to trial. From the moment we are retained, our defense team prepares each case for trial. We will litigate every motion, raise every challenge and never stop fighting.

  • Precharge Representation for Criminal Defense

    The best time to consult a criminal defense attorney on a potential criminal case is before charges are ever filed. There is a short window of opportunity between the beginning of an investigation and the filing of charges during which the right attorney can convince law enforcement and the prosecution that the case should not be filed.

    Once an investigation begins, police and prosecutors are working to secure evidence to secure your conviction. Having the right legal representation will ensure that you have an advocate to protect your rights and prepare your defense while the investigation is ongoing.

    If you have been arrested or have reason to believe that you may be under investigation, contact Hamasaki Law - Criminal Defense Attorney immediately.

  • Release from Custody

    If someone you know has been taken into custody, there are a number of options for securing their release, including bail, release on their own recognizance and supervised release.
    Pretrial release options and procedures vary from county to county and between State and Federal court. Bail in a criminal case can range from a few hundred dollars to over a million dollars. It is important to have an attorney familiar with the best strategies for reducing bail and securing release.

    If someone you know is in custody, please contact Hamasaki Law - Criminal Defense Lawyer to discuss your options to secure their release.

  • State Criminal Defense Cases

    Hamasaki Law provides legal representation in state courts throughout the Bay Area. We have achieved a remarkable level of success fighting everything from basic DUI cases all the way through complex fraud and homicides.

    Our reputation is built every day through hard work and dedication to our clients. Our focus is on obtaining the best possible result so that our clients can move forward with their lives. That includes not just fighting the criminal case, but also working to maintain our client’s professional licenses and careers.

    If someone you know is under investigation or has been arrested, contact Hamasaki Law immediately.

  • Federal Criminal Cases

    Hamasaki Law provides legal representation in Federal Criminal cases throughout Northern California. While most criminal cases are charged in state courts, common federal crimes include fraud, immigration violations, drugs and firearms offenses. It is important to be represented by the right criminal defense attorney during federal detention proceedings in order to secure release from custody.

    Federal cases can often be complex and demanding on both the defense attorney and the client. Potential sentences are harsh and the resources of the federal government can be overwhelming. Hamasaki Law will vigorously defend you throughout the process to ensure the best possible result.

    If you have been arrested or have reason to believe that you may be under investigation, contact Hamasaki Law - Criminal Defense Attorney immediately.

  • Stages of a Criminal Case

    Understanding the stages in a criminal case is important in order to help make the right strategic decisions throughout the process. At Hamasaki Law we believe in a collaborative approach to representation. What this means is that our defense lawyers work together with our clients to make informed decisions that will shape the outcome of the case.

    Please review the stages of a criminal case either before or during your time with Hamasaki Law. This will help provide the framework to understand the road we will travel together.

    We are available to answer your questions throughout the process. Please call Hamasaki Law - Criminal Defense Lawyers at any time and allow us to help you through the process.

  • Civil Attorneys

    Our civil litigation practice focuses on fighting on behalf of individuals to protect their rights and interests. Building on our extensive trial and negotiation experience, we will stand with you to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome in your civil matter.

    Hamasaki Law represents individuals in civil cases including civil rights, police misconduct, personal injury, discrimination and employment matters.

  • Post-Conviction Relief

    A criminal conviction does not have be the end of the road for you. There are a number of options to restore some or all of your rights so that you can move forward with your life and career. Many criminal convictions can be expunged from your criminal record after the terms of the sentence are completed. Additionally, some felonies may be reduced to misdemeanors after certain requirements are fulfilled.

    A motion for a new trial may be brought after conviction at trial, additionally appeals and writs are available following conviction.

    If you have been convicted and are interested in exploring your options, please contact Hamasaki Law - Defense Attorney today.

Hamasaki Law in the News


Client and Professional Recognition

  • Westyn N
    John Hamasaki is without a doubt the most professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable, criminal defense attorney in the Bay Area. Within a few moments of meeting with John, it was clear that he was extremely passionate about his work and that he had a commitment to the defense of the Bay Area community. He was easy to work with and went above and beyond the call of service on multiple occasions in my defense. John makes the legal process seem simple and is able to effectively explain the otherwise highly confusing judicial system and legal jargon. Despite my rapid firing of questions via e-mail or on the phone throughout my case, John was always patient and calm. He has a well-rounded and thorough understanding of the law not only in San Francisco County, but also in the greater Bay Area. John never hesitated in his willingness and confidence to fight and win my case. Never once did I feel uncomfortable in explaining the facts of my case to John. He was honest and understanding, never once making me feel like a "criminal". He very thoughtfully and analytically determined the best course of action to take in my defense, which ended up producing a positive result in court. After contacting a number of other lawyers in the area, John had the quickest response time, was the most affordable, and was the most professional. It is rare to find an attorney that is not only trustworthy but that is truly invested in the well being of his clients. It is with deep gratitude and respect that I recommend John to any persons in need of criminal defense.
  • Sarah S.
    John was a lifesaver for me, in many ways. I found myself in a very difficult, politically charged situation due to being at a protest and was connected with John Hamasaki. From the get-go, John went above and beyond in myriad different ways. As another reviewer says, he definitely was both professional and personable as well as effective. The care he showed in helping me while I was incarcerated and working to get me out was impressive- he interacted with and calmed down family and friends, explained to them how to be most helpful, came to see me regularly and jumped right into working on the case. As mine was a codefendant situation, he also did an excellent job working with my codefendant's lawyers, even when that was extremely difficult due to one of their personalities. I was always provided a fairly good idea of the process and what to expect, had questions promptly answered, and was able to get in touch with him with ease. At the end of it all, we reached a better-than-expected resolution, much because of John's perseverance and diplomacy and his own passion for justice and ensuring that my own blossoming career wasn't ruined due to political scapegoating. I am very grateful to John for his excellent legal representation, and highly recommend him.
  • Claire K.
    When my girlfriend was arrested at an anti-budget cuts / trans & queer rights protest, John took her case. She was facing 5 charges, including three counts of assault & battery of a police officer, & a judge who had been a personal acquaintance of the prosecution's two key witnesses for years. She had been brutalized by the police while in custody & was suffering from trauma. She had been issued a stay-away order from campus that was putting he rat risk of academic failure. I don't know what we would have done without John. He understood the political significance of the issues involved (harassment of trans students & cuts to education) & was able to communicate them to the judge & jury. He was extremely dedicated, meticulous & passionate -working long hours on the case, tracking down witnesses & evidence, & making sure that we were informed & involved at every stage. He understood what it meant to be experiencing trauma & how stressful trial could be & he went out of his way to offer his enormous emotional support - not just to my girlfriend, but to me & even to her concerned family & friends. Most importantly, thanks to his exceptional performance in the courtroom, we were able to take on some of the most important political elite in Oakland& win - a significant victory! I have such profound respect for John & his work, I can't thank him enough.
  • Bay, MI
    A friend went to jail from false information. I mean attempted murder guys, this is no joke! I felt so devastated - until I spoke to John. I had already heard great things about this attorney so I searched and found him. He was very busy with other cases, I see why! So he was hesitant to take the case it would have taken him so much time. But he took it, with cost efficient down payment. I told him my friends life was about to change for the worse. He had been falsely accused by some serious things . I explained the accusations to him and he listened with empathy. He was very understanding in the situation and never once made me feel like he wasn't interested or that this was just another case. He made me feel like this was just as important to him as it was to me. If this would have gone any further it would have been a life changing event for Deandre and my family. John reassured us that he would do what he could to make this as painless as possible. Every time I called for a question or to give him some information he was available and never made us wait for a call back. John went and seen my friend faithfully, he even went to see him just to give him updates and to give his support. Upon our numerous requests from family John kept his cool and was very patient with all of us! We were informed throughout the entire process. In recognition of John Hamasaki preparation, persistence and personality, the false claims were dropped and the case against Deandre was dismissed!! From the beginning John had stated from his experience of past cases he felt there wasn't enough proof for a conviction but we couldn't go just with that! We needed to expect the worst and hope for the best. Boy did he fight hard for us. He did what he said he would, executed this case! Here corded the FACTS, then skillfully and professionally presented to the prosecutor. He is very intuitive to your legal needs, calmly communicates a strategic way forward. With time, the grossly exaggerated claims unravelled -just as John proposed plan was in motion. Awesome civil department! The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating! They were very prompt in all correspondence and kept us informed every step of the way. Made our family feel very valued, respected and represented at their fullest capability!
  • Dan C.
    Hollywood makes courtrooms seem like a blast, but when you end up in one yourself, it's actually kind of scary. In my own case, there's no one I would rather have had by my side than John Hamasaki. His intelligence, expertise and extensive courtroom relationships got us the outcome we wanted. His compassion and great wit made the whole experience unexpectedly fun and enriching. Give John a call. You'll want him by your side, too.