Client Testimonials

  • Bay, MI
    A friend went to jail from false information. I mean attempted murder guys, this is no joke! I felt so devastated - until I spoke to John. I had already heard great things about this attorney so I searched and found him. He was very busy with other cases, I see why! So he was hesitant to take the case it would have taken him so much time. But he took it, with cost efficient down payment. I told him my friends life was about to change for the worse. He had been falsely accused by some serious things . I explained the accusations to him and he listened with empathy. He was very understanding in the situatiin and never once made me feel like he wasn't interested or that this was just another case. He made me feel like this was just as important to him as it was to me. If this would have gone any further it would have been a life changing event for Deandre and my family. John reassured us that he would do what he could to make this as painless as possible. Every time I called for a question or to give him some information he was available and never made us wait for a call back. John went and seen my friend faithfully, he even went to see him just to give him updates and to give his support. Upon our numerous requests from family John kept his cool and was very patient with all of us! We were informed throughout the entire process. In recognition of John Hamasaki preparation, persistence and personality, the false claims were dropped and the case against Deandre was dismissed!! From the beginning John had stated from his experience of past cases he felt there wasn't enough proof for a conviction but we couldn't go just with that! We needed to expect the worst and hope for the best. Boy did he fight hard for us. He did what he said he would, executed this case! He recorded the FACTS, then skillfully and professionally presented to the prosecutor. He is very intuitive to your legal needs, calmly communicates a strategic way forward. With time, the grossly exaggerated claims unravelled - just as John proposed plan was in motion. Awesome civil department! The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating! They were very prompt in all correspondence and kept us informed every step of the way. Made our family feel very valued, respected and represented at their fullest capability!

    I strongly recommend John to any one who truly cares about their loved ones!

    Thank you again for everything John you are truly a blessing! God bless you and you're family.

  • Jessie H.
    A friend of mine was charged in Alameda County with two felony counts after a misunderstanding with another party when the police came to intervene. After going through a subpar attorney recommended by a bail bond company and being cheated out of an exorbitant fee, he came to me for a criminal defense attorney recommendation. Through my attorney network, I referred him to John.

    From what my friend has told me, John was professional, friendly, and honest while charging a much more reasonable fee compared to the attorney recommended by the bail bondsmen. Furthermore, as my friend was involved in the finance industry, John went above and beyond his duties to research and negotiate mitigation with regards to the defendant's FINRA's licensing requirements.

    As a result of John's hard work, the case was dismissed. Not only was my friend able to continue on with his life, he was able to salvage his status with FINRA and maintain his career in finance.

    The two key takeaways to this story?

    1. Avoid attorneys recommended by bail bondsmen. They are often of poor quality and predatory in nature.

    2. Hire John Hamasaki!
  • Joel C.
    John was very professional, thorough, and honest/genuine. These are all things that are not always easy to find in a lawyer. Although, I don't live in California anymore, I would highly recommend Mr. Hamasaki to anyone in need of a great lawyer. Thanks again John!
  • Cordane C.
    Can you put a price on losing everything you own? Can you put a price on losing your freedom? There are some of us who go throughout the day without any concern or acknowledgment of injustice or of ever being treated anything but fairly and friendly by the system and law enforcement. If you're one of those people, you may believe you will never have a need for Criminal Defense Attorney John Hamasaki. However, if you're like the rest of us (and know better) you should understand how important it is to have an attorney of John's impeccable qualifications and amazing talent on your side.

    While working a 2nd job I found myself confronted and consumed by a scenario where I was suddenly in danger of losing my main job, my apartment and my freedom. Please keep in mind that I don't lead an "at risk" lifestyle. I work in tech and I'm not involved in any illegal activities or hobbies so to be confronted with such a harsh reality with the only other option being to accept the SF bail bond $hakedown was something I was not financially prepared for. Luckily for me, at the request of friends, Attorney John Hamasaki stepped in and worked his magic to make the nightmare go away. This guy is the exact polar opposite of every negative derogatory comment you've ever heard about attorneys. He is your Bright Knight on the darkest of days and he "will" save you.

    Everyone needs to have Criminal Defense Attorney John Hamasaki in their corner. The problem is...there's only one of him. My strongest and highest recommendation is to reach out to Attorney Hamasaki and make him part of your personal and professional legal strategy because John Hamasaki is an attorney for the people. He is an attorney "of" the people. For those who don't ever believe they're in danger of being treated unfairly by the system or law enforcement, God forbid you suddenly find yourself shaken awake by the new reality of a jackbooted fist knocking on the front door of your forehead. Before "that" day arrives it's in your best interest to reach out and make this man's acquaintance because when it comes to the law and your liberty it's always better and brighter to have Criminal Defense Attorney John Hamasaki on your side.
  • Daniel C.
    John Hamasaki helped me in 2010. A friend recomended me to him and i am happy to have contacted john. This man made it very easy for me to understand what exactly was going on and what i should expect. He is very friendly and i felt very easy around him and not nervous at all. I highly recommend his services.
  • Summer G.
    Really LOVE Hamasaki Law. John helped me with an issue I had been having with a restraining order I needed to get for a ding-dong neighbor who got caught peeping into my home. He patiently took me through the steps and answered any and all questions my partner and I had. I would recommend Hamasaki Law to everyone in need of great advice.
  • DeBray C.
    Mr. Hamisaki is, for one, very knowledgeable of the law. He is also very honest and professional and sincerely wants the best for his clients. He's a great lawyer and an even better person. If you want an excptional attorney, who won't treat you like just another number, John Hamasaki's the guy... Goes above and beyond! CASE DISMISSED!!
  • Janelle D.
    If you ever find yourself needing a lawyer, John Hamasaki is the best person to have on your side. He is a top-notch attorney, but is also kind, thoughtful and easy to talk to. And he doesn't make you feel silly for asking lots of questions. While he may fight your case hard, he does so with respect to everyone around him. And he will walk you through the process from beginning to end and always keep you updated and informed. I strongly recommend John Hamasaki.
  • Westyn N.
    John Hamasaki is without a doubt the most professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable, criminal defense attorney in the Bay Area. Within a few moments of meeting with John, it was clear that he was extremely passionate about his work and that he had a commitment to the defense of the Bay Area community. He was easy to work with and went above and beyond the call of service on multiple occasions in my defense. John makes the legal process seem simple and is able to effectively explain the otherwise highly confusing judicial system and legal jargon. Despite my rapid firing of questions via e-mail or on the phone throughout my case, John was always patient and calm. He has a well-rounded and thorough understanding of the law not only in San Francisco County, but also in the greater Bay Area. John never hesitated in his willingness and confidence to fight and win my case. Never once did I feel uncomfortable in explaining the facts of my case to John. He was honest and understanding, never once making me feel like a "criminal". He very thoughtfully and analytically determined the best course of action to take in my defense, which ended up producing a positive result in court. After contacting a number of other lawyers in the area, John had the quickest response time, was the most affordable, and was the most professional. It is rare to find an attorney that is not only trustworthy but that is truly invested in the well being of his clients. It is with deep gratitude and respect that I recommend John to any persons in need of criminal defense.
  • Adrian W.
    John Hamasaki represented me for about a year after I was arrested at a protest. John was extraordinarily diligent. He consistently came to court extremely well prepared - often with pages of notes outlining his strategy and potential questions to witnesses. He was always available to answer my questions, but he was always careful to leave the ultimate decision on what legal path to choose up to me. I have no doubt that with a different lawyer I almost certainly would have gotten a less favorable outcome. I would recommend him unreservedly.
  • Zach H.
    John Hamasaki helped me get through the San Francisco Court System. I frequently felt confused and powerless, but John was able to provide me with the necessary information and experience to make me feel knowledgeable and empowered. He was always able to provide a cogent explanation of events as they came to pass and worked to help me understand what was going on where others might not have.

    He is well-connected within the SF County Courthouse and seemed to hold the appropriate knowledge of the judges and other lawyers that he interacted with. He was punctual and was never late or a no-show. He often came to court more prepared than the DA. Even when events were happening around Christmas and New Years, John was able to devote the time necessary to keep things moving with my case.

    While I was incarcerated John worked to make me feel comfortable and secure, and to get me out on bail in the shortest possible amount of time. He worked with my parents to make sure that their concerns were addressed and ensured that they understood what was happening, and why.

    Not only is John a hardworking professional, but he is also congenial and personable. He is an amiable man who did not appear to take any news too hard, and, even when it seemed things weren't going our way, was optimistic about my future. His optimism kept me hopeful as well, and helped me through the process.

    I would highly recommend the Law Offices of John Hamasaki to any individual currently involved in criminal legal defense in San Francisco County.
  • Dom G.
    I met John Hamasaki when I first went to court for my DUI. I had gone to court before for a much smaller incident years before, and I had no idea what was in store for me for a major violation, let alone know what I should be doing or what my options were.

    I spoke with some of the lawyers there and I ended up being connected with John. John immediately exudes professionalism and care as he gave me his contact information and a time to cover what happened. This was the first time I worked with my own lawyer.

    I'm someone who wants to know all that is going on while it is going on, and John was EXTREMELY personable and brought everything down to my level of understanding. We walked through our case throughout the trial period to ensure it was the strong and had the highest possibility of winning.

    I recommend John for any criminal defense work and he will be sure to take care of you through the long haul.

    Thanks John!!!
  • claire k.
    When my girlfriend was arrested at an anti-budget cuts / trans & queer rights protest, John took her case. She was facing 5 charges, including three counts of assault & battery of a police officer, & a judge who had been a personal acquaintance of the prosecution's two key witnesses for years. She had been brutalized by the police while in custody & was suffering from trauma. She had been issued a stay-away order from campus that was putting her at risk of academic failure. I don't know what we would have done without John. He understood the political significance of the issues involved (harrassment of trans students & cuts to education) & was able to communicate them to the judge & jury. He was extremely dedicated, meticulous & passionate - working long hours on the case, tracking down witnesses & evidence, & making sure that we were informed & involved at every stage. He understood what it meant to be experiencing trauma & how stressful trial could be & he went out of his way to offer his enormous emotional support - not just to my girlfriend, but to me & even to her concerned family & friends. Most importantly, thanks to his exceptional performance in the courtroom, we were able to take on some of the most important political elite in Oakland & win - a significant victory! I have such profound respect for John & his work, I can't thank him enough.
  • Dan C.
    Hollywood makes courtrooms seem like a blast, but when you end up in one yourself, it's actually kind of scary. In my own case, there's no one I would rather have had by my side than John Hamasaki. His intelligence, expertise and extensive courtroom relationships got us the outcome we wanted. His compassion and great wit made the whole experience unexpectedly fun and enriching. Give John a call. You'll want him by your side, too.
  • Zachary M.
    John's the best kind of attorney: sharp as nails, heart of gold, and could prob moonlight as a comedian if he had the urge. He represented myself and several other UC Berkeley students pro bono when we were brought up on charges related to political protest in 2009. During our year long court proceeding John was consistently supportive and available 24/7 - a trait I've come to realize is rare amongst attorneys. He would eventually add critical strategic components to our defense, which he introduced to the jury in compelling fashion, and my co-defendant and I were acquitted of all charges. Thanks John. If you ever needa favor ;))
  • Tim S.
    John is a fantastic DUI lawyer! I made a mistake a few years ago and needed expert, professional advice. John delivered. He knows more than the law. He knows people. I was completely lost within the court system. I watched John work some serious attorney skills as he trimmed my fine down to a fraction of what other people pay. It was amazing. I said almost nothing to the judge; John took care of everything. He communicated to the court what I was thinking: "Please don't kill my record ... please don't charge me more money ... please get me out of here." It was fast. It was easy. It was John. You need him to get you out, going and happy with the result. Thanks, John!
  • Sarah S.
    John was a life saver for me, in many ways. I found myself in a very difficult, politically charged situation due to being at a protest and was connected with John Hamasaki. From the get-go, John went above and beyond in myriad different ways. As another reviewer says, he definitely was both professional and personable as well as effective. The care he showed in helping me while I was incarcerated and working to get me out was impressive- he interacted with and calmed down family and friends, explained to them how to be most helpful, came to see me regularly and jumped right into working on the case. As mine was a codefendant situation, he also did an excellent job working with my codefendant's lawyers, even when that was extremely difficult due to one of their personalities. I was always provided a fairly good idea of the process and what to expect, had questions promptly answered, and was able to get in touch with him with ease. At the end of it all, we reached a better-than-expected resolution, much because of John's perseverance and diplomacy and his own passion for justice and ensuring that my own blossoming career wasn't ruined due to political scapegoating. I am very grateful to John for his excellent legal representation, and highly recommend him.

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