Precharge Representation for Criminal Defense

The best time to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney on a potential criminal case is before charges are ever filed.

Investigations in criminal cases can begin in any number of ways, from a simple traffic stop resulting in a DUI case to a years-long FBI investigation leading to racketeering charges. However the case begins, once it starts, the police and the district attorney's office are working together in order to secure a criminal conviction against you. They have access to vast resources, including law enforcement officers, CSI units and forensic laboratories, all working together to build their case.

You have two choices at this point. Either sit back and allow law enforcement to gather the evidence to convict you or retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you and begin putting together the evidence to fight your case.

The criminal defense attorneys at Hamasaki Law can step in and protect your rights before a case is filed by:

  • Communicating with Police: Police have one goal in an investigation – gather the information for the prosecution of the suspect. If you are under investigation, it is never a good idea to talk with the police without being represented by a lawyer. Police go through intensive training in investigating crimes and interrogating suspects. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer to communicate with police on your behalf can protect your rights and prevent wrongful prosecutions. Through investigation our attorneys can present evidence and witnesses to the police that can help them close a criminal case without filing charges.

  • Communicating with the Prosecution: Once the case is submitted to the district attorney's office, a deputy district attorney is assigned to review the case and determine what charges are appropriate. At this point, they only have the police version of events. We can contact the district attorney's office and present your case and try and avoid charges ever being filed. We do this by presenting your story, any investigation we have done and information from favorable witnesses. The best case for us is the one that is never filed.

  • Investigation: Our attorneys work with investigators throughout Northern California who can interview witnesses, conduct background investigation and secure evidence and video from crime scenes that police may have overlooked. Having investigators on your side from the beginning can make all the difference in a criminal case.

  • Interviewing Witnesses: Police will often only interview the witnesses that support their case against you. We can get our investigators out in the field, often in less than an hour, to talk to the witnesses that help build your defense to the potential criminal charges.

  • Surrender and Release: If a criminal case is filed and a warrant is obtained for you arrest, at this point we can negotiate your surrender on favorable terms. We can set up bail ahead of time so you are surrendered and released within hours.

Hamasaki Law is the criminal defense firm to contact if you may need precharge representation. If you or someone you know may be under investigation, contact us immediately. The initial consultation is free. Let us explain how we can protect your rights and fight your case before charges are ever filed.