Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are based on the relationship between the individuals involved and can encompass a variety of different charges. Many acts of domestic violence are equivalent with other types of criminal offenses, such as assault and battery. However, when this type of criminal offense is committed against someone with whom the defendant has a close personal relationship, it can result in a more severe punishment.

Being charged with a domestic violence offense can affect more than just the relationship between the defendant and the accuser. Even if the accuser withdraws their complaint or does not want to press charges it is unlikely that the case will be dismissed. Whether the charge is based on a false accusation or a minor altercation, it is crucial that individuals facing these kinds of charges have experienced legal representation.

As a domestic violence attorney, we will guide you through the process from the moment we are contacted until your matter is resolved. We will spend the time with you explaining various options and strategies and we will work together to determine the best approach to fighting your case. Contact us now to discuss your case and let us help you through the process.